About Dense Energy

The Hi-tech Agriculture & Power Generation Integrated Project (HAPGIP)

DENSE Energy Private Limited (DEPL) is a Renewable Energy company with an innovative solution to combine Hi-Tech Agriculture and Renewable Power Generation in an integrated project. The Hi-tech Agriculture & Power Generation Integrated Project (HAPGIP) offers benefits to all stakeholders of the program and enables the farmers to enhance their agricultural income. HAPGIP is a truly global phenomenon with a deep impact on economy.

Thus the HAPGIP the best choice for integrated project in Solar Power harnessing. Apart from producing higher quantities of agricultural commodities, solar energy, bio-outputs it also helps to save as much as 80% of water. HAPGIP will be a successful choice in many parts of the world.

Dense Energy is planning to build greenhouses for hi-tech agriculture and commissioning Solar PV plants over the greenhouse rooftops thereby utilizing the agricultural land with very high productivity. The bio-mass will be processed to extract bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers apart from bio-energy.


Agricultural Demand Side Management (AgDSM)

Agricultural Demand Side Management (AgDSM) is a unique India centric program. Electricity to the agricultural pumps is highly subsidized by the government costing billions of dollars annually to sustain the program. We have a win-win model that saves significant quantum of subsidies which can be effectively utilized by the government for improving water resource management and augmenting agriculture.

The Agricultural Demand Side Management (AgDSM) is a critical area of focus for the Power Generation and Distribution management sector. India has >31 million Agricultural Pumps consuming more than 160 TWh of energy which is around 18% of total energy distributed in the country. While the demand is increasing at 6.5% CAGR the biggest worry is the inefficiency of the pumps installed which are consuming >30% more energy. Bureau of Energy Efficiency has validated this claim.

We have a team of professionals who bring high value to our Customers and collectively we have the expertise and experience covering Energy Metering including Smart Metering, Power Quality Measurement and Correction Systems, Electrical Infrastructure activities, Renewable Energy, Hi-Tech Agriculture including greenhouses (horticulture & floriculture), nuances of funding large Power Projects in many countries, Software Technologies for a wide range of domains, liaison, and large Project Management.